Olivia Wilde Is White Hot

Olivia Wilde Is White HotHollywood GirlCute GirlOlivia Wilde Is White HotPretty Model
I’m 99% sure that Olivia Wilde is wearing something underneath this lace dress of hers at the unite4:humanity charity event in Beverly Hills, but that’s not going to stop me from ruining what’s left of my eyesight checking out this white-hot MILF with my nose pressed up against my screen, just in case. See, I’m very dedicated to my job. Stop laughing. That wasn’t supposed to be a joke. » view all 12 photos Photos: WENN.com

Pretty Model

Chantel Jeffries’ Sexy Funbags Are OK!

Chantel Jeffries’ Sexy Funbags Are OK!Amazing GirlHollywood GirlChantel Jeffries’ Sexy Funbags Are OK!Hollywood Model
In case you haven’t been paying any attention, the Oscars are this Sunday. But it looks like the annual cleavage party is getting started early thanks to these shots of Chantel Jeffries at OK! Magazine‘s pre-Oscar party. And it’s time’s like this that I’m really glad people care enough about the Oscars to throw pre-parties. Because there’s no way a hot nobody/Instagram model like Chantel was getting invited to the real thing. And it would’ve been a real shame if these funbags got overlooked. Photos: WENN.com

Dakota Fanning NeedS To Work On Her Paparazzi Face

Dakota Fanning NeedS To Work On Her Paparazzi FacePretty ModelHot GirlDakota Fanning NeedS To Work On Her Paparazzi FaceAmazing Girl
Yikes. I thought Dakota Fanning was supposed to be a pro. But here she is getting surprised by the paparazzi on her way out of some kind of Chanel event and I’ve seen better smiles on Kristen Stewart… If Dakota’s going to be an A-list actress hottie, she needs to work on this ASAP. Because she’s going to start getting followed around by the paps a lot more from now on, and a face like this could totally ruin those stalker/zoom lens bikini shots. » view all 11 photos Photos: PacificCoastNews

Amazing Girl

Jennifer Lopez’s Cleavage Show

Jennifer Lopez’s Cleavage ShowBeautiful ModelAmazing GirlJennifer Lopez’s Cleavage ShowHollywood Model
I didn’t realize it was American Idol‘s final season this year, probably because I don’t watch the show and/or care about it. But then I realized that also meant we’d be losing out on all the Jennifer Lopez hotness we’ve gotten as a result of the show over the years. So make sure you enjoy this red-hot cleavage J-Lo was dropping at the Farewell Season Finalist Party, because it’s the end of an era… Of J-Lo getting paid to show off her killer body on primetime TV. Now that I’ll miss. » view all 13 photos Photos: WENN.com

Hollywood Girl

The Brit Awards 2016 Pictures

The Brit Awards 2016 PicturesAmazing GirlHollywood GirlThe Brit Awards 2016 PicturesHollywood Girl
          » view all 47 photos Photos: WENN.com

Hollywood Model

Jess Impiazzi Works It

Jess Impiazzi Works ItPretty ModelCute GirlJess Impiazzi Works ItPretty Model
As you guys have probably figured out by now, I’m a sucker for any hot nobody with a workout regime that involves doing squats for the paps. So I’m becoming a big fan of Jess Impiazzi here after seeing the busty British reality “star” get a few reps in at the park. I just wish more hotties would choose to workout outside like this. If you ask me, gyms are seriously overrated. Well, unless they have those big floor-to-ceiling front windows. Then they’re OK. » view all 16 photos Photos: WENN.com

Hollywood Girl

Samantha Hoopes Busts Out In Her Bikini Top

Samantha Hoopes Busts Out In Her Bikini TopHollywood GirlHot ModelSamantha Hoopes Busts Out In Her Bikini TopHollywood Girl
We may not be getting any swimsuit model bikini hotness at any of the official SI events, but luckily, they can’t stop their models from wearing bikinis off the clock. And here’s Samantha Hoopes outside her hotel in Miami Beach finally giving us a peek, along with a killer leg show. Who needs red carpets and fancy, expensive parties? If SI was smart, they’d know that a hot model in a bikini and Daisy Dukes out on the street is all the promotion this swimsuit issue really needs. Photos: PacificCoastNews

Amazing Girl

Kate Bock’s Sweet Booty In Tight Jeans

Kate Bock’s Sweet Booty In Tight JeansHollywood GirlKate Bock’s Sweet Booty In Tight JeansHot Model
I know that Kate Bock isn’t as big a name as some of her fellow SI hotties just yet, even if she was voted the mag’s Rookie of the Year back in 2013. And I think I may have finally figured out why after seeing these shots of her at the Sports Illustrated fan event in Miami. It’s not because the Canadian hottie isn’t a total smoke show (she is), it’s because she needs to learn how to dress. Don’t get me wrong, a pair of tight jeans is great, but a nice thong would show off that perfect booty of hers even better. This is supposed to be a fan event, right? Well, then all the more reason to give us perverts fans what we want. …Please? Photos: PacificCoastNews

Hot Model

Instagram Model Joy Corrigan Is One Hot Piece

Instagram Model Joy Corrigan Is One Hot PieceHollywood GirlCute ModelInstagram Model Joy Corrigan Is One Hot PieceBeautiful Model
According to my sources, Joy Corrigan here is yet another famous Instagram star. The only difference between her and the rest is, I can actually see the appeal for once. (I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with “killer dunbags”…). Anyway, here she is in a real lingerie photoshoot, and I have to say, I think Joy could really be a big star in the modeling world. After all, she’s got everything a girl needs: a smoking hot body and… uh… Yeah, that’s about it. Check, and check. Enjoy.

Hot Girl

Tanya Mityushina Should Be My Russian Bride

Tanya Mityushina Should Be My Russian BrideAmazing GirlHollywood GirlTanya Mityushina Should Be My Russian BrideHollywood Model
The SI hotness just keeps coming today. This time, it’s Russian hottie Tanya Mityushina at a Sports Illustrated fan event in Miami. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Tanya’s wearing a bikini under there. Finally! It only took all damn week. Still, I’m glad to see the mag giving the fans what they want: more pictures of their smoking hot models in bikinis. Although to be fair, that’s pretty much the only thing I want 24/7, 365 days a year… Photos: PacificCoastNews

Beautiful Model

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